Bakery Nouveau presents Angie Hinh

August 9th WSAW, 2012

Bakery Nouveau presents Angie Hinh!
Statement: “Journey to Laos and Cambodia”
Traveling is one of my greatest pleasures in life. My thirst for traveling is fueled by my curiosity, sense of adventure, and endless fascination with the world and its inhabitants. I love exploring and getting acquainted with new environments and cultures and meeting people from different walks of life. It’s always so refreshing to escape my own corner of the world and discover a new place, yet at the same time realizing – and taking comfort in – how, even in this increasingly isolating world, there are still basic things that transcend borders, like human kindness and the warmth of a smile.

This series was shot during my 2009 trip to Laos and Cambodia. These images are both observations of the two countries – of the people, natural landscapes, and landmarks – and snapshots which encapsulate my travel experiences. Escaping the Bay Area winter, I traveled to warmer, dreamy Southeast Asia where I saw everything with fresh eyes. Around every corner awaited a new sight, smell, sound to experience. My camera eagerly seized these landscapes and portraits of daily life as I meandered through the two beautiful, beguiling countries. Timeless temples stood proudly, food markets bustled with activity, children laughed as they spun around in circles. I was captivated and wanted to capture this beauty –  of the vibrancy of everyday life, the wonderful drama of nature, and the ancient structures steeped in historical significance. For me, traveling is about enjoying all the little moments that comprise the larger experience; after all, it’s the journey that makes the memories.

All photographs were taken with a 35mm camera and are 12” x 18” selenium-toned, gelatin silver prints.

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