Chance Williams & Quinn Sadow at Atomic Boys

August 9th WSAW, 2012

Atomic Boys introduce Chance Williams, with special guest Quinn Sadow!

Chance Williams Artist statement:
“My name is Chance Williams; I am a 15 year old artist from Seattle.  I started drawing a year ago, one day I started doodling and it became a habit. I love art and I have always had a passion for it. I mainly use marker and ink but I also make photo collages from National Geographic magazines.

I love drawing because it puts my mind in a certain focus where I don’t have to worry about any real life situations; all I think about is lines on paper.  I do mainly abstract/pattern work but I do illustration/cartoons as well. My favorite colors to work with are ones that are unordinary and not seen often soothing colors not too saturated.

I usually begin a decent piece with just a small doodle in the middle of the paper. Then I gradually increase the doodle all around until the whole page is filled. Or if I don’t want to fill the page I will stop as so.

My favorite artist/inspiration would be MC Escher. I loved MC Escher since I was a small child. My parents had a book filled with all of his work and I would always be fascinated by the patterns and the colors. I hope one day I can be as big as MC Escher was.“

Quinn Sadow’s Artist Statement:
Quinn Sadow is a young artist and student at Lafayette Elementary School.  Inspired by local talent (e.g. Justin Hillgrove) and his ever-growing naturalist enthusiasm, Quinn’s designs are a mix of fantasy and real life.   

Quinn favors all lead colored pencils for his drawings.  He is currently expanding his artistry skills at Mind Unwind Creative Arts Studio.

Amongst his collections are: The Big-Nosed People, Puppies and the Death Maggot.

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