Jack Johnston at Seattle Real Estate

August 9th WSAW, 2012

Seattle Real Estate Associates present Jack Johnston, M.A.!

Indistinct Nature: Cultures, Bundles and Scapes
My mixed-media “drawings” reference the natural world directly and indirectly. The natural element comes from my being surrounded by gardens of my husband’s crafting, walking through them and looking down on them from the terraces; the reeds bordering a neighbor’s pond; and molds and mosses of the Pacific Northwest. Relying on basic elements of a circle and a line, I work fast and fluidly, manipulating stamp-pad inks, bingo daubers, gauche and poster paint using templates to guide my marks: stencils, cellophane-tape spools, pill-bottle caps, and the occasional brush.  Some drawings clearly imitate a bundle of flowers; others seem a cross-section of a stem exposing fibers closely-bound. Cultures here may reference a microscopic sample, an isolated sample of organic matter, set on a slide or grown in a Petri dish. Scapes are long leafless stems—aka lines of garlic and garden onions, but I use the term as well as a shortcut for landscapes, interior and implied landscapes. 
Jack Johnston has published non-fiction and artwork in KNOCK Magazine and vintage Polaroid self-portraits in RE-PULPED, the 3rd anthology from Gay City Health Project. Drawings from INDISTINCT NATURE 1 were shown in the SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS exhibit at the June Sekiguchi-curated UHWallingford, with one of his works selected to be offered for raffle opening night.  He lives with his husband and their dog on the west slope of Lower Beacon Hill.

Each month, Seattle Real Estate Associates’ artist donates a portion of their sales to a local charity. This month’s donation will go to the senior center.

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