Mylen Huggins held over at Click! Design That Fits

August 9th WSAW, 2012

Click! Design That Fits welcomes artist Mylen HugginsMylen’s Ovals & Lines collection was originally inspired by an intersection near her home in Seattle’s Greenlake neighborhood.  Her paintings juxtapose thin lines that loop in and out of her paintings with ellipses and fields of overlapping colors.

“After taking a long hiatus when my children were young, I have recently reconnected to what it is I love about art—both creating it and teaching it to children.  In the winter of 2009, I carved out a space in the basement of my home—wedging my ‘studio’ between the furnace and the water heater, and I began to paint. The process and the discipline required has rekindled my longtime curiosity, as well as help me rediscover my natural skills.”

Click! features local artists and international designers with a modern aesthetic. Stay up to date on what’s new at the Click! blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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