Cryogenic Nude America at Twilight Artist Collective

September 13th WSAW, 2012

Twilight Artist Collective presents Cryogenic Nude America: A group collage show by The Collagemonauts ~ Marty Gordon, Tim Manthey, and Craig van den Bosch.
Marty Gordon, Tim Manthey and Craig van den Bosch began their friendship and artistic collaboration in the summer of 2011. Their passion for the medium of collage brought them together for Contemplations on the Dialectical Utopian Vision, a collage exhibition at Fremont Abbey curated by van den Bosch. Manthey and Gordon created their first collaborative art works for that show. After the show, they began to meet together for conversation and, on occasion, creating and trading art with one another. 
In August of 2011, the three artists began work on three collaborative collage journals in the Exquisite Corpse style. Each artist started a journal and then passed it to the next artist. The artists agreed that no image would be sacred and gave each other the freedom to do anything they like, even if that meant covering over or destroying one another’s work. The journals were finished in February of 2012.
The next phase of the project began soon after when the artists secured a September 2012 show at Twilight Artist Collective. Dubbed the Collagemonauts by an artist friend, the three began work on larger works of art for the show.
Themes and motifs emerged naturally as the Collagemonauts continued their collaborations. Space, religion, indigenous people, and medical science became important themes to explore.The title, Cryogenic Nude America comes from combining the incidental titles of the three collaborative journals, and speaks to some of the abstractions presented in their artwork.

OPENS: Thursday, Sept. 13th 6-9pm during West Seattle Art Walk
CLOSES: Friday, Oct. 5th

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