The Continuous Thread at Mind Unwind

September 13th WSAW, 2012

Mind Unwind presents: The Continuous Thread

Inspired by using “thread” in a double entendre of meaning, the first literal interpretation of “thread” involves textiles and fashion, a second, less obvious interpretation incorporates the “thread” of thoughts that develop during storytelling, an ancient form of communication. The continuum began with curator, Pam Cooper, based in New York and followed a communication thread across the U.S. to Seattle in collaboration with Mind Unwind’s curator, Krystal Kelley. Cooper and Kelley are presenting “The Continous Thread,” which features these 6 artists: (3 from NYC and 3 from Seattle).

Marion Behr, drawing with pen on paper just letting the thoughts flow, mulling over the events of the day. Robroy Chalmers repurposes dark dense prints and drawings referencing his recent move across the USA, making them fly and lightly swirl around the room. Marcia Widenor’s knitted paper clothing charges the viewer to wonder about the stories that inspired the fabrication of these beautiful objects. Aileen Bassis asks viewers to draw places from the past on note cards, ‘Memory Maps’. Thinking about the nature of memory and how this has fascinated people throughout time she decided to use quotes from different philosophers, along with the photographs taken at the time, to document their experience of memory. Anna Hurwitz uses her collection of Barbie Dolls in an installation called “Stitch ‘n Bitch”. Jewelry designer, Blythe Carling is weaving her thread with metal and stones and will have pieces on exhibit and for sale.
We look forward to all the “threads” that spin from “The Continous Thread” at Mind Unwind! The Opening Reception begins on September 8th from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Art Walk is Thursday, September 13th from 6-9:00pm.

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