Clay & Henna at Zatz A Better Bagel

September 13th WSAW, 2012

Zatz A Better Bagel presents clay artist, Allison Moore, and henna artist, Danitra Hunter!

Potter, tile-maker, and mold designer working in Seattle since 1995. 
Ms. Moore’s passion lies in sculpting high relief imagery with intricate detail. 
The designs are used for embellishment of thrown pottery, as tiles, and in the creation 
of specialty items. Larger pressed images often require further sculpting to make each 
one more lively and unique. Favorite subjects have been redesigned and improved upon 
over the years. Pond and forest life, creatures from the ocean, and ancient symbols are 
the artist’s favorite subjects. The work is fired in electric kilns, at the vitreous 
(water-proof) mid-range stoneware temperature of ‘Cone 5’, 2200 degrees F. The 
pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.  
Clays used: Porcelain and Stoneware. Her residential studio is in South-East Seattle. 
Allison is a fourth year day stall vendor at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, 11am-4:30pm, dates vary. 
She will be at the Redmond Saturday Market for her twelfth year which runs until October 27, 9am-3 pm. 
Feel free to contact Allison with comments, suggestions, and inquiries: 

Danitra Hunter is a West Seattle resident and artist. She creates unique drawings, paintings, and gifts featuring her bird characters. Danitra is also a Mehndi henna tattoo artist, and will be doing beautifulhenna tattoos at ArtWalk. Henna tattoos are natural, non-toxic, non-permanent, and pain free.

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