Ceramic Tiles & Henna at Zatz A Better Bagel

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Zatz A Better Bagel presents artist Terri Goodwin, and henna by Danitra Hunter!

After Terri Goodwin earned a BA in Design from UCLA she spent her early career as a graphic designer for small companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. In 1999, an interest in mosaic led to the desire to create custom ceramic tiles.  Starting from clay made it possible for her to mold anything she could imagine. Casting these handmade tiles into stone was an ideal way to feature their interesting shapes and bright glazes. Terri enjoys life in West Seattle with her husband and two sons while continuing to experiment with both ceramic clay and concrete in her home studio.

Danitra Hunter is a West Seattle resident and artist. She creates unique drawings, paintings, and gifts featuring her bird characters. Danitra is also a Mehndi henna tattoo artist, and will be doing beautiful henna tattoos at ArtWalk. Henna tattoos are natural, non-toxic, non-permanent, and pain free.

We are also doing a coloring contest which we will announce the winners of at ArtWalk in November. Winners for each age group will win a $25 gift card for Zatz!

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