"Mine & Yours" at Twilight Artist Collective

October 11th WSAW, 2012

TwAC is proud to present “MINE & YOURS” ~ A collaborative painting show featuring Kate Protage and Chris Sheridan!

We’ve shared a home and a studio for nearly ten years. It was a challenge to fit the puzzle pieces together at first, with wildly diverse personal histories, but over time we’ve turned the “otherness” that comes from different thought processes and life experiences into a strength. We often find that what one person can’t do, the other can, and we’ve learned how to meet in the middle.
Today, we spend a good part of our days and nights about 10 feet apart in our studio. We take significantly different approaches to painting—from the content we choose to the brushes we use, and the colors on our palettes—but like the rest of our life, the results end up being surprisingly complimentary. See what we mean with the work in “Mine and Yours.”

– Chris Sheridan & Kate Protage

TWILIGHT ARTIST COLLECTIVE (TwAC) is an eclectic group of more than 60 contemporary artists who are largely based in Seattle. We are focused on providing the venue for ourselves and others to share inspiration, expose people to original ideas through art, and build a sustainable artist community. We are committed to making art a part of our everyday lives, and strive to be the catalyst for a greater collection, exhibition and appreciation of fine art.
In addition to exhibiting throughout the region, Twilight Artist Collective operates a brick and mortar store in the West Seattle Junction where we show and sell work from all the artists in the collective. Our gallery/boutique offers fine art in a variety of mediums including: painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, clothing and much more.  Please visit www.twilightart.net for more information about the Collective, joining us, and about our unique art from local artists.

HUGE NEWS: Twilight Artist Collective is FOR SALE!! Serious inquiries only please, email the gallery for more information: info@twilightart.net

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