Bonnie Katz and Nicole Appell at Better Builders

December 13 WSAW, 2012

Bonnie Katz (owner, Fitness Together)

I’m excited to blend my love for fitness and the outdoors with my talent for art. Together I can capture my adventures while hiking, biking, climbing and rafting. Each subject matter is scattered with human emotion that reflect my state of being, and highlight some of life’s most difficult challenges both physical, and emotional.

“Aspen Forrest” 12″x12″ oil on canvas

Nicole Appell
My art is about finding beauty and inspiration in life, every day. A native of the Pacific Northwest, I spend as much time as possible outdoors. I love exploring the wilderness and coasts of our region. Waterfalls, rivers, and coastal tides remind me of renewal and possibilities. I am fascinated by the play of light as it dances through branches and leaves and casts lovely images on the earth. The patterns and textures of tree bark, river rocks, and meadows find their way into the layers of my mixed media paintings.

These artworks represent the quiet pause that nature gives us, and my deepest gratitude for the few wilderness areas that are protected.

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