Chantelle Hartman at Heartland Cafe

December 13 WSAW, 2012

Chantelle Hartman: Bio

I completed my BA in Fine Arts at the Durban Institute of Technology in South Africa; and later completed my Post Graduate in Education at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. I am currently a teacher at The Berstchi School on Capitol Hill, where I teach the Extended Day Art Class.

I majored in sculpture with an emphasis on the traditional materials used by women. Examples of these materials include yarn, string, thread, fabric and sanitary linings

In regards to my practical work I focus on manipulating materials to convey messages and underlying tones through a visual expression. My work comments on the duality of the matriarch vs. the seductress

I have resided in Seattle for seven years now; this exhibit is a comment of my journey as a woman from Africa to America.

To purchase art or to learn more please contact her in any of the following ways:
Phone : 206 769 0821
Phone: 2067690821

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