"Pay What You Can Night", Brandee Paisano at Brent Amacher State Farm

January 10 WSAW, 2013

Brent Amacher is proud to announce his very first “Pay What You Can Night” to kick off the New Year at West Seattle Art Walk.  All art items are available for purchase on a “Pay What You Can” basis.  Photographer Brandee Paisano wants to give back to the community and allow folks a chance to purchase art on their own terms.  Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!!

Brent will provide his famous homemade baked goods and refreshments during the event. 
Brandee Paisano is a humanitarian and backpacker who recently moved to Seattle where she now resides. Her interest in culture, photography and travel started in her youth when she was first introduced to the Inupiat culture in Alaska, and later the Shoshone Paiute Tribes of Nevada. In 2000 she joined the US NAVY when she decided to add “a little more adventure” to her life. While traveling abroad with the military, the ups and downs of Navy life led Brandee to consider a career in Photojournalism. After returning to the private sector, she found herself inspired by the works of Lewis Hine, Robert Capa and James Nachtwey.  The emotion of these photographers has served as inspiration, though Brandee has added her own unique twist. The romantic quality of film, old newspapers and print media are present in her images. When Brandee looks through the lens, she attempts to find that unique quality that only comes from the passage of time.  Edgy, soft, and simple.  This is the photography of Brandee Paisano.
Brandee Paisano studied Photography at The Art Institute of Seattle and graduated in 2009.   Please join us for an evening of art photography and come prepared to name your price.  It’s “Pay What You Can Night” for one night only.
Brent will provide his famous homemade baked goods and refreshments during the event. 

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