Dustin Davis at Better Builders

January 10 WSAW, 2013

Dustin Davis: 
A relative newbie to this this whole art thing, in 2008 I started to dabble.  Now my incredibly awesome paintings and future multi-milion dollar jewelry collection are nearly a reality.  As Pablo Escobar (I mean Picasso) says, “I don’t always do art, but when I do, comments are totally like, WHOA!”  On a more serious note, I enjoy the arts and how the arts can inspire.  It’s thrilling to see others enjoy new creations and different perspectives.  Right now, my favorite is doing dark, ominous landscapes.  But, who knows!  The winds may change and the seasons will change.  My favorite may become giant, pink emoticons.  Every morning I wake up, I grab some Special K with strawberries and totally tell myself, “Hey there buddy, you got this!”  On an even more serious note, I may change the emoticons to be mediums sized and yellow.  Cheers!

We will be open from 6-9 pm and light refreshments will be served. 

Better Builders
4800 California Ave SW

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