Heart Local Art party at Nature Consortium

February 14, WSAW, 2013

 “Heart Local Art” Party with Nature Consortium
One Night  + 3 Artists + Live Music + Nature Consortium = Best Valentine’s Day EVER!
Bring your love for local art and music to an evening of connecting people, arts and nature.  Be our Valentine!

Musician 7-8pm:
Meredith Connie lives in West Seattle, where also teaches guitar.
For Valentine’s Day Art Walk, she will be performing a playful
selection of Latin American music, such as the Tango, to inspire
roses in the teeth for us all!  You can hear other Latin and Classical
guitar performed by Meredith at www.meredithconnie.com or www.youtube.com/meredithconnie.

Featured Artists:
About Holli with an i
A former Wedding Photographer, Holli turned her lens toward nature and beauty in every day life after becoming a Stay-At-Home Mom. With a background in photojournalism, she uses natural light and waits for the right moment to capture photographs of nature.  Most of her work is from West Seattle’s Delridge Neighborhood, which is rich in green space. www.holliwithani.com

Jennifer Cepeda
I’m an artist and surface designer, working from my home studio in West Seattle.
I have a line of whimsical prints and cards called “MyLemonpie”
and have recently been focusing on modern, organic watercolor paintings.
I love to dream up little portraits of creatures and create them using my sketches, watercolor paintings, patterns and handmade textures.

My inspirations come from an eclectic group of sources~Organic textures and forms, vintage objects, and from my pets, who give me an immense amount of joy everyday.

{ please visit me at jennifercepeda.com }

*Plus special bonus* Jewelry by Elizabeth Green at Summer Night Sky

Nature Consortium is at 4210 SW Oregon St, shown at location 5 on the art walk postcard.

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