Marc Schell at Heartland Cafe

February 14, WSAW, 2013
Artist Statement:

Marcus began photographing in 1997, when his aunt gave him a Cannon AE-1 film camera. His early photographs focused on a variety of subjects, ranging from capturing large open spaces in New York City to macro and surrealism. His passion for photography came to fruition while living in New York City during September 11, 2001 and its aftereffects, which had a profound impact on him. It was during this time he began connecting with fellow artists capturing the city’s aftermath and grunge with his camera. Throughout his career, the works of Salvador Dali and the Dutch and Flemish masters have influenced Marcus’ style of photography.

Marcus’ latest collection of work, “30 Days on Wilson” is a series of photographs capturing the essence of daily street life and culture found near the infamous Wilson Stop in Chicago’s Uptown Neighborhood; often coined the most diverse neighborhood in the US. Marcus has also recently completed a series of landscapes, taken as he traveled across the United States. Currently, Marcus is working on a new collection focused on urban architecture and abandoned buildings throughout Washington State and Oregon.

A native of Seattle’s Central District, Marcus earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor of Art History from New York’s Pratt Institute in 2000. After working in the print, commercial, and film industry for the next few years he opted for a new path. In 2012, he received an advanced Degree in Photography from Chicago’s Harrington College of Design.

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