Koji Kubota at Hotwire Coffee

March 14, WSAW, 2013

“Hana To Kokoro”
(Flower and Heart In Japanese)
Selected Oil Paintings by Koji Kubota
March 1st – March 31st, 2013

In my work, surface, form, texture and color come together to create emotional statements. I use a pure colorist approach and linear perspective design. I paint in a variety of forms from stylized representational paintings to abstractions and hybrids. I challenge myself to achieve a total configuration where all the parts support the whole.

I come from Kobe, Japan, where I was a professional musician. After I moved to Seattle in 1986, my passion for fine art flourished. I began painting and studied portraiture, landscapes, color and composition. Currently I paint imaginary landscapes as well as abstractions. My landscapes are personal “mindscapes,” inspired by local hikes in the mountains surrounding Seattle and my everyday experiences here in Seattle.

My goals are to give my viewers a feeling of enchantment and a way to experience their own inner beauty, joy and childlike peaceful innocence.

Web Pages; kojikubota.com
E-Mail; mail@kojikubota.com

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