Monuments & Portraits Plus Wine Tasting at Mind Unwind

March 14, WSAW, 2013

Nowhere: Monuments & Portraits Plus Wine Tasting by Wilridge Winery

Wesley Mayer is sharing his precision stencil work and freehand control with Mind Unwind this March. Mayer shared this statement:

“I have found that the in-between places are what make a pleasant trip, and destinations are a good way to get in between places. Along the way, we rely on nowhere monuments to ease our passage; we hope the road will be clear, the motel will be vacant, the gas station will be close, and the diner will be open. For good or bad, we are followed by visions of those we’ve left behind. We either dread or daydream of those we are heading towards. I love the road trip, the family holiday, the need to move on. When I was a young boy, my father and I would drive throughout the west to visit family. As an adult I have continued to travel throughout the west and then beyond, to numerous countries around the world, often hitching rides and working short stints. The road has a special meaning for me, one that has encompassed pretty much every part of my adult life up till now. These works are an attempt to capture and reflect at least part of that buttery essence of transience and travel that has such a grip on me.”

About our wine tasting: Wilridge Winery is Seattle’s oldest winery. Established in 1988. Specializing in Estate Biodynamic Organic Wines from the AVA Naches Heights, outside Yakima. Small batches done in old traditional wine making techniques allowing for top quality distinctive wines. Join Rose Monahan for a flight of the wines below. Additional glass pours and full bottle prices available.

Mind Unwind, Art Gallery & Interactive Studio
2206A California Ave SW

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