Ryan Keller at Shanti Salon and Spa

March 14, WSAW, 2013

American Contemporary Artist Ryan Keller, has been in the arts his whole life. In the early 90’s, as the guitarist for Godsmak, he wrote many songs and played many shows. In 2005 Ryan was chosen to play on the International Pool Tour, the most prestigious billiard tour ever, with prizes as high as half a million dollars. After a back injury sidelined Ryan, he began painting with acrylics, and as Ryan has in the past, he always takes everything to the highest level. Ryan says he envisions his paintings while trying to fall asleep, and though many of his paintings die, and then are reborn, and sometimes die again, he somehow finds away to make some pretty cool pieces. All of Ryan’s paintings are on canvas, signed, numbered, and he uses the finest non-toxic materials. Ryan is about to release an invention that will take home security to a whole new level, so he has slowed down on painting, but he plans on creating many more pieces in the future.

One thought on “Ryan Keller at Shanti Salon and Spa

  1. I had my hair done yesterday at the Shanti Salon, and the art was so colorful, it just made me feel great, and my hair looks fantastic!!!


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