Lois Pierris at Heartland Cafe

March 14, WSAW, 2013

Lois Pierris artist statement:

I was born in New York City, grew up in the burbs, escaped when I was 18 years old and went to Penn State University. After a year of studying art and avoiding football games, I returned to the city and finished my education at Parsons School of Design and New York University. During those four years in school in Greenwich village, I started traveling the world during summer vacations with my camera and sketch book.
Always with a camera and a sketchbook, I kept a diary of my adventures. When I returned to the U.S. I decided to relocate to Seattle Washington. This was the beginning of my career as a restauranteur.With a close friend I had met in Greece, we opened one of the first espresso bars in Seattle in 1976. Using my entrepreneurial skills, I created several unique restaurants, clubs, bars and clothing stores over a period of 25 years. Always involved with the cuisine at my restaurants, I honed my skills as a chef in my last restaurant venture which closed in 2003.
During this time I became a serious fine art photographer, traveling to Cuba during the nineties and building up a huge portfolio of images which I exhibited in several galleries in Seattle. I have done some commercial work for Starbucks, and local magazines. Many of my images can be found on gallerystock.com.
My humanitarian work began during my first trip to Bangladesh in 2007. The following year I volunteered with an NGO in Ghana as a photographer. In 2009 I began working on my own projects in northwest Cameroon. Please check projects for detailed information.

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