Jaci Kajfas at West Seattle Cellars

West Seattle Art Walk, April 11, 2013

West Seattle Cellars presents “Simplicity 2013” by artist Jaci Kajfas (also a WS Cellar Wine Rep!)…

“We fill our lives with so much — at least I know I do! At the start of the year, my goals were to play more with watercolor, gouache, and charcoal again. Get back down to basics and find more simplicity in the work that I do. These works are some of my better spur of the moment creations in a busy life. As an artist for most of my life, I view creation as an evolution. My work does not start from a sketch, though I do sketch a lot when I work as it helps work out the kinks of the idea and design. The works unfold and are truly representative of what they become. Very similar to life!” 
– Jaci Kajfas 

This Thursday on Art Walk night, from 5:30 to 9:00, our weekly free wine tasting will feature wines from South America, with a diverse line-up from both Argentina and Chile. 
Come for the art; stay for the wines. Or vice versa!

West Seattle Cellars is located at 6026 California Ave SW.

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