Simon Campbell at Better Builders

West Seattle Art Walk, April 11, 2013

Artist Bio
Simon first adopted photography as his creative outlet of choice. He has been taking photographs for 20 years, after receiving a cheap 35mm point and shoot camera in his early teens. Ever since then he has been developing an eye for things artistic; color, light and balance. Other than art classes at senior school in his native England, he didn’t pick up the paintbrush again until 2005 into his mid-twenties.
Already experienced in photographic composition, a steady stream of collages, mixed media, and paintings emerged. Influenced by many genres of visual arts, from classic photography to modern contemporary painting, he paints in sporadic bursts and can never tell when a painting is going to be finished or exactly how its going to look…..he just kinda flows with it.

Travel Photography has remained a creative spark. He would still consider himself just as much a photographer as a painter, his work can be found at

Better Builders is located at 4800 California Ave SW in The Junction.

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