Walter Scheirer and J. Conrad Nivens at Office Junction

West Seattle Art Walk, Thursday April 11, 2013, 6-9pm

Visit our new Art Walk location at the “Office Junction”, WestSeattle’s First Coworking Space at 5230 B California Ave SW.We will show Walter Scheirer’s “Abstracts In Insects” and J. ConradNivens watercolor paintings and Art on salvage materials on 3 floors.Office Junction will provide drinks and light snacks and is locatedjust 4 blocks South of the Junction.

Walter Scheirer started as an illustrator, painting entire creaturesas he saw them. Now he is focusing on the colors and patterns that thecreatures are composed of. This series is based on a collection ofinsects Walter photographed while journeying from the Catskills duringthe spring and summer of 2011 across the country to Seattle. Walterspaintings are done with mis-tinted latex house paint on salvagedhollow-core doors. With a background in architectural salvage, Walterthought this would be a good way to re-purpose things that mightotherwise be slighted for the landfill. We haven’t seen ”garbage”look this nice in a long time!

J. Conrad will show his watercolor paintings “Face In The Storm”,“Summer Day” and “Nature Wins” and displays his art in various venuesthroughout Seattle and is co-owner of Mind Unwind Art Gallery &Interactive Studio.

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