Elizabeth Blanton at Cupcake Royale

October 7, 2015

Cupcake Royale will be featuring art work by Elizabeth Blanton, Fiber Artist, tomorrow for October Art Walk.

Elizabeth Blanton is a graphic designer living in West Seattle. She enjoys photography and blogging about life in Seattle, as well as hiking and traveling with her husband Ben and dog Kai. Elizabeth grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Each of Elizabeth’s fiber art pieces begins with a natural material called wool roving. The process of wet felting dates back thousands of years (yurts and saddle blankets have been made using the same process for centuries) and transforms the roving into finished felt. The fibers of the roving are torn apart and arranged in a crisscross pattern. Then, the roving endures a boiling bath and rough scrub, but it’s all for the best—the fibers interlock and begin to dry and shrink. The felt forms, ready to be made into a piece of art.

For more information about Elizabeth and her work, visit her at her website http://www.yellowelm.com, or find her on Instagram @yellowelm.

Art for Breakfast: 

A portion of the proceeds of each piece of Elizabeth’s artwork sold will be donated to Shared Breakfast at First United Methodist Church of Seattle. Shared Breakfast feeds over 300 hungry people in our community every Sunday morning. 11,628 hot breakfasts have been served so far in 2015

Elizabeth Blanton at Cupcake Royale 

Cupcake Royale / 4556 California Ave SW

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