Arshin Aghashteh at Twilight Gallery & Boutique

 January 14, 2016

Twilight Gallery & Boutique will be featuring art by Arshin Aghashteh and continuing their Small Works Show for January Art Walk tonight, from 6-9pm.

Artist Bio:

Arshin Agashteh was born in 1977 in Tehran. Until the age of three, she was bought up in Khuzestan province, the birthplace of his father, in southern Iran. Following the onset of Iran-Iraq War in 1980, she along with her family moved to Tehran. The war lasted for eight years and even central cities like Tehran were not immune to the missile attacks of Iraqi army.

After finishing high school in 1994, she continued her education in clinical psychology (undergraduate). After graduation in 1999, she volunteered to work in the Iranian Mental Hospital and Epilepsy Society until two years later when she decided to pursue art. Accordingly, in 2001, she began studying painting (at bachelor degree). In 2006, after completing undergraduate studies, she pursued her education in visualization (at master degree) and managed to graduate in 2008.

In the same year, she began teaching at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, a career which lasted until 2014. In this year, she was offered a position as the faculty member of Rasam Art University, which she has held until present time. Last year, she won a scholarship to continue her studies in the field of Art Therapy in the University of San Francisco, but she did not take it up seriously. Since 2006, she has organized several solo and collective exhibitions in Iran, Italy and United States.

More about the Small Works Show:

“Our Small Works exhibit runs through Jan 31st and 20% will go to our friends the Smershes (owners of Click! Design That Fits)! Let’s make this the best year ever. More info here.”

January Art Walk at Twilight Gallery & Boutique

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