West Seattle Art Walk

Spike Colby at Capers

January 14, 2016

Tonight at West Seattle Art Walk, Capers will be featuring the art of sculptor Spike Colby, from 6-9pm.

Artist Bio:

Spike began cutting wood when he was eleven years old but quit a year later after making a deep cut into his right leg. In 1994 he began again after seeing the gargoyles on the cathedrals in Europe. Spike has been heavily influenced by the incredible carvings of the NW First Nation masters. Spike has purposely avoided trying to replicate their artistic triumphs and have developed his own interpretation. Initially to keep a record of my pieces, Spike named the masks after friends and neighbors who inspired him. Spike encourages others to be inspired to rename these masks in honor of their friend, family member or neighbor.

Spike Colby at Capers

Capers / 4525 California Ave SW