Announcing Summer 2016 Art Walk Featured Artist

June 21, 2016

Summer quarter of West Seattle Art Walk is just around the corner! We’re excited to get out in the neighborhood, take advantage of longer days, and experience some great local art.  Join us on July 7th, August 11th, and September 8th as we celebrate local art and culture in West Seattle.

This quarter’s postcard and poster features art by Genna Draper. The featured work is entitled “Crimson”. Genna will be exhibiting a selection of her paintings at Capers during Art Walk this quarter in July and August. Here’s a little more about Genna and her artistic process:

“I paint because I love it. I love the chaos I create when making something and knowing order is found at completion.

My paintings are given life through a combination of materials, technique and a whole lot of elbow grease. Working in different mediums I explore new approaches for their uses and draw on my experiences with colour, textures and space to create mixed media work that is at times abstract, and other times figurative.

I equate painting as a sort of conversation…There’s an idea that needs exploration and or even clarification. As each layer emerges it is with the thoughts and emotions that pass through my mind in that moment. Each decision and is in response to the previous one.
I have spent 20 years in the business of art as a business owner, event coordinator, design specialist, muralist, teacher, and through it all artist.

I made the leap from Ottawa, Ontario with my family in 2014 and am happy to have found a new home and studio space here in West Seattle. My work is held in private collections in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Seattle, Miami, Portland, Floria, Los Angeles and San Fransisco.”

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