Art Walk Artist Info

The West Seattle Art Walk occurs every second Thursday year-round from 5 PM to late

Businesses, we need your artist info for each month’s Art Walk. Please fill this form out or forward this link on to your artist.

NEW for 2022: All links are published for those businesses who like to book their artists in advance!

DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, THE DAY BEFORE ART WALK, AT NOON ā€“ Pro Tip: The sooner you can provide us this information, the better ā€“ we start to promote our businesses and their artists on social media as soon as we get them. Don’t wait until the day of Art Walk!

Artist Info for January 13 Art Walk (Due January 12)

Artist Info for February 10 Art Walk (Due February 9)

Artist Info for March 10 Art Walk (Due March 9)

Artist Info for April 14 (Due April 13)

Artist Info for May 12 (Due May 11)

Artist Info for June 9 (Due June 8)

Artist Info for July 14 (Due July 13)

Artist Info for August 11 (Due August 10)

Artist Info for September 8 (Due September 7)

Artist Info for October 13 (Due October 12)

Artist Info for November 10 (Due November 9)

Artist Info for December 8 (Due December 7)

(featured image by Chris Kelleher)