Meet the Coordinators


Lillian Szugyi

Lillian Szugyi recently joined the West Seattle Art Walk to share her skills as a designer. Her design process takes a human-centered approach, continually engaging with the community to understand their needs and goals, in order to produce a smooth and memorable Art Walk experience.

She wears many hats and is currently responsible for: communicating with merchants, artists, and local media; researching and delivering best practices guides; creating organizational processes; producing content on social media channels, and updating the website. On Art Walk nights, you can catch her talking with artists, snapping photos, and posting to Instagram in real-time.

Lillian hopes to grow the Art Walk program to new heights and build up the arts community in West Seattle.

Tami Bensen

Tami Bensen is an Intuitive Artist who works in painting and sculpture. Her inquisitive mind places such a bright perspective on anything she touches.

Tami practices intuitive art as a lifestyle. The process of letting go of self-judgment, to truly trust yourself. As a West Seattle resident, she hosts many local public and private art sessions all over town. She also leads group Intuitive Art experiences at Inner Alchemy. Her current Art experience is called Creating for Compassion, which includes random acts of kindness. #creating4compassion

Tami leads the community outreach efforts for the West Seattle Art Walk. She also has a key role in creative planning for special events. Tami is all about empowerment of our community through the arts.

Visit Tami’s website at

Featured in The Working Artist:


The West Seattle Art Walk is a volunteer-led program, brought to you by the West Seattle Junction Association, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), and the West Seattle Arts Council.

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