Hotwire Coffee November Artist Todd Martin

I was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington and has been a lover of animals since he was a small child.
After high school I Studied Design. I also studied radio broadcasting independently, and hosted a radio program at WWU. I traveled to Thailand to discover the riches of the jungle, and that opened my eyes to the adventures of photography. For many years I have been involved in the design and sales, and have been featured in such newspapers as the Everett Herald and in 2008 was featured in a Christmas special on HGTV. I work in many types of media, but really enjoy photography. I have been a West Seattle Resident for 9 years.

The show: “Head Shots, if animals were celebrities”, is based on the idea of what it would be like if the paparazzi chased animals instead of celebrities. While I do not claim to be the greatest photographer in the world, I do believe I can connect with the animals on film. I do not just take random shots. I wait for them to happen. Whenever I take a walk with friends and I take my camera I can hear a sigh of despair….”I thought we were going for a walk”.
Besides photography I enjoy working with non profits. For this show I have partnered with the Woodland Park Zoo, and will donate 25 percent of the proceeds to their good works. I also like designing holiday décor and sometimes consider myself the John Waters of Christmas. I take a holiday theme and stretch it as far as I can go, many times searching for hours and days for items exclusively for this matter.

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