West Seattle Wine Cellars April Artist Tom Douglass

West Seattle Wine Cellars April Artist, Tom Douglass

Artist Statement: I have a long-standing fascination with the spontaneity of the simple snapshot. Candid when among friends, voyeuristic when a stranger is in front of the lens, the snapshot has an immediacy and intimacy not found in more formal photography. Derived from snapshots taken over several nights out, this series applies the deliberate process of painting to the near accidental images of the source. Whether it’s evoking a mood, expressing a sense of time and place, or simply emphasizing an area of specific interest, each painting in this series attempts to capture and refine the core element that drew me to the original picture.

West Seattle Cellar’s free wine tasting on Art Walk night will feature dry German Rieslings from the Mosel region. Sample an excellent array of these very food-friendly wines while you enjoy the t art of Tom Douglass.

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