Alki Bathhouse May Artist Tatyana Brown

A print and lithograph artist with a unique sensual style, Tatyana Brown was born and educated in St. Petersburg, Russia. About her work, she says, “Nature, with its unbreakable connection to mankind’s cycle of life, death and rebirth, provides the thematic basis”. She holds active memberships in the Seattle Prints Art Association and the ArtsWest Artists Association, and shows her work throughout the area. Find out more at

Special Demonstration during the ArtWalk at 7:00 pm: “Linocut Greeting Cards, Part II: Let’s add some color to a black & white design” with featured artist Tatyana Brown!

Also showing paintings, prints, drawings, and photo this spring: Jason Sinclair Astorquia, Lori Diaz, Sarah Dorsett, Theresa McCormick, Vera Ponomareva, Mike Raney, Bonnie Rieser, Tonje Taylor, and Carla Wakefield.

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