Keller Williams January Artists Kirsten Willhelm and Rebekah Jaramillo

Kirsten Wilhelm

Kirsten Wilhelm has been an artist of many mediums for over 25 years. Initially working in clay, oils, and acrylics, she found encaustic painting a new way to express her creativity. The textures and immense flexibility have encouraged her to work with more freedom and intensity. Encaustic is a mixture of beeswax, damar, and pigments. It is one of the oldest forms of painting. Kirsten has always been intrigued by the gritty working areas of a city. Her photo encaustic work is based on unseen and/or unnoticed views of ordinary life. Drawing, scraping then burnishing pigments and inks into the wax surface creates an altered view of the hidden or barely noticed world. Her new work “Conversations on Landscapes” incorporates small stories an large statements obscured by paint and wax. The writings, from her innermost thoughts become a landscape of text obscured visually but not necessarily emotionally from the viewer.

Rebekah Jaramillo

Rebekah Jaramillo is a long time West Seattle resident and Jeweler. Rebekah resides in the Gatewood neighborhood where she and her husband Dan raise their 2 year old daughter Luka, and where she creates jewelry in her home studio. She graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals from the University of Washington and has been making beautiful adornments ever since. Her passion lies in color, asymmetry, and circles.

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