Shanti Salon and Spa February Artist Devrim Ozkan

Devrim Ozkan is a West Seattle based artist that was raised splitting her time between the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada and multiple cities along the Western coasts of Turkey. After graduating from the University of Washington’s Art department she decided to make Seattle her home.

Devrim believes that her art is a mixture of her past, present and future. She attributes much of the organic nature of her work to the Arabesque designs of the Middle East as well as the vast emptiness of the Great Basin. Recently, she has recognized a growing interest for abstracted landscapes.

A gypsy at heart, Devrim is known for moving, her chaotic last-minute adventures, and inappropriate humor. She uses paint & ink as a means for translating her internal chaos into a language she can understand and a form she can appreciate.

Find more of her work on facebook or Etsy for purchase:

Devrim Ozkan: Paint & Ink on Facebook

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