Twilight Artist Collective February Artist Lisa Geertsen

Lisa Geertsen is a full time artist/blacksmith in Seattle. She and her husband co-own Firelight forge and she currently designs and builds custom metalwork there. She has a BFA in sculpture from WVU and teaches at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

In her upcoming show at TWAC, Lisa explores the heart, creating a series of wall hanging sculptures that each involve anatomical hearts. She has been working with this concept for years and she intends to engage the viewer with the complex symbolism of the her subject. “My ultimate goal for this themed show is to achieve 100 pieces with the intention of showing some new and some old every February until I reach the 100 mark. I look forward to where this personal project will take me and hopefully you will enjoy the journey with me.” ~L.G.

Show runs thru March 6th, 2011

(image: “Wild At Heart” $2400)

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