West Seattle Wine Cellars Febraury Artist Sabah Al-Dhaher

West Seattle Cellars February Artist: Sabah Al-Dhaher
Plus Wines from Latin America and Spain

Sabah was born in Nasriyah, Iraq. At the age of fifteen he was accepted to the Institute of Fine Arts in Basra, Iraq, where he lived and received his training in classical art. Al-Dhaher fled Iraq in 1991 due to his involvement in a failed uprising against the regime of Saddam Hussein at the end of the first Gulf war. After spending 2 ½ years in a refugee camp in the desert of Saudi Arabia he came to the USA as a political refugee in 1993. He has been creating and exhibiting his work throughout the Northwest. Sabah’s story was chronicled in an article in the New York Times titled, A Nation at War: Iraqi-Americans; Chiseled from Marble, a Refuge from War News, (April 6, 2003). For more information please visit Sabah’s website: http://www.aldhaher.net

“In a life shaped by war art transforms struggle into hope.” My Saraab is a short documentary about Sabah Al-Dhaher’s journey from his home land, Iraq, to the United States. http://www.aldhaher.net/my_saraab.htm

This month, on Art Walk night, our free wine tasting will feature wines from Latin America and Spain. Cat Bogdon, of TGIC Importers, will join us to pour some of her favorites from her portfolio. So come and meet Sabah, enjoy his art, and try some Torrontes, Malbec, Carmenere, Grenache, and more!

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