Wild Roses’s February Artist Gretchen Graber

Wild Rose’s-candlelight, chocolate, wine and fabulous work by local artists.

Gretchen Graber-has a passion and a purpose refurbishing windows and doors. Her goal is to use recycled materials and maintain a funky chic look.

Mercedes Baudrand-Jewelry show, new designs from your favorite “THAT’S BEAUTIFUL”.

Lisa Bojocich-beautiful handmade hearts made from glass and paper.

Daniel Blagovich-sofa tub, think Breakfast at Tiffany’s, made from a vintage claw foot tub.

Carla Davis-you will love her new Valentines and prints.

Tammy Clammer-faceOdd, wearable art masks.

Sip wine, sample our new chocolates and view some truly unique work from our local artists.

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