Seattle Real Estate Associates March Artists Rosanne Olson and David Barnes

With a lifetime of experience in many worlds, I know how to show the
truth about people and the human condition. As a photographer I have
worked with some of the best design firms and advertising agencies in the
Northwest and around the country. As a photojournalist and writer, I honed
my skills to bring the heart of my subjects to light. The same intense
passion to understand informs my photographs of individuals and families. As an
award-winning photographer, teacher and lecturer for over 30 years, I also
authored *This is Who I Am*, a collection of images and essays on women,
body image and compassion which has been noted for its insight and power to
inspire. I collaborate with my fellow humans to tell the truth, beautifully,
of families, women and business professionals, in my *Knowing Portraits*practice.

Over the course of a forty year career David Barnes has traveled the world and produced a wide
array of photographic images, bringing his subjects to life with a style and composition that is
uniquely his own, and which has won him recognition through prestigious awards and highly
sought after photographic assignments.

At the onset of his career he photographed for the Seattle Times, Sunset Magazine and
numerous airline magazines, followed by photographic assignments for the US Travel Service.
Concurrently, he was taking photographs for annual reports for Dean Witter Brokerage,
Wells Fargo Bank, Bacardi Rum, PG&E, Nordstrom, and Natomas Oil. After early recognition
for his local work, David began receiving assignments that took him around the world.

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