Funky Janes April Artist Dascena Vincent

In the “free-play” struggle to capture the aesthetic beauty presented both eclectically and playfully in nature’s vision to deepen and bloom, as well as its power to decompose, the topics of my photography cross, isolate, and combine traditional, and not so traditional, photographic trajectories. By provoking thought, feelings of anger/happiness/sadness, questions and, in some cases, discomfort, I believe I am capturing the essence of my subject succinctly and without boundaries. As a scientist with over 12 years experience in the biotechnology, forensic science, and molecular biology arenas, it should be of no surprise that my images often possess mathematical, sociological and biological components–Ideally, my photography will always range from the necessarily unknowable to the shockingly unexplainable topics of life . Wine, Cheese, Crackers etc etc will be provided by artist.

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