Knows Perfume May Artist James McDaniel

[UN]disposed – Tossed & Found Film

James McDaniel is an author and photography enthusiast. Formerly a program manager and video game producer at Microsoft for 14 years, he worked on products such as SQL Server and Age of Empires before leaving to pursue solo endeavors and the occasional DJ gig. Besides the [UN]disposed project, James is currently developing workshops and writing a book on critical thinking and decision-making skills.


Knows will be serving champagne and cake from Baked Seattle.

One thought on “Knows Perfume May Artist James McDaniel

  1. (Here's a description of the show. Thanks! – James)

    [UN]disposed is an exhibition of tossed & found film created and curated by James McDaniel. Some rolls of film were discovered exposed but undeveloped still inside the dark confines of a vintage camera years or decades after the photographs were taken. These are displayed (along with the cameras) for the first time – not even the photographer who created them has seen these images. Other photographs were found as already-developed negatives, often grouped together in drug store or camera shop envelopes. In all cases the original owner either donated or disposed of the film, and the prints shown were created directly from the negatives that captured each moment of historical light.


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