Emerald Spiral June Artist Brodrick Brodie-Graves

June Artist of the Month – Emerald Spiral

West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday, June 9th

Broderick Brodie-Graves is new to the Seattle area, drawn here by the beautiful scenery and the lively energy of its people. He has lived in several different cities, including New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas, traveling for many years as a professional stage actor, director, singer, designer, and playwright. Other professions include Hospitality Management and University Instructor. He is also the author of The Wisdom Wheel of The Master Within, around which a “White Magick and Law of Attraction Style Workshop” will be presented in July at Emerald Spiral.

“Painting has always been my escape from the demands of the verbal and intellectual communications of which my other professions were comprised. I often dealt with thousands of people a day. For years! With painting, it was just me and the paint and the canvas — and an image. The act of painting is a meditation. It compliments my deep interest in all things metaphysical. I sometimes paint portraits or figures, but mostly I paint symbols and enigmas, totems and talismans. I am honored to be able to share these visions from my imagination with you.”

Brodertick may be contacted at Emerald Spiral or email: thewisdomwheel@yahoo.com

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