Kreiger Dental September Artist Michael Rollins

My passion for the wonderful world of photography started many years ago when I was introduced to the darkroom and all of its magical potential. I’ve been hooked/involved ever since. Over the years, many an hour has been spent in the darkroom developing film and printing images, taking classes, and of course shooting pictures. Digital photography has changed all of that and now the darkroom has been replaced by a computer and software. The learning? Well, that continues every day. My subject matter is nature, birds, water, the sky and objects that have seen better days. I try with each image to make the viewer pause and think even if only for a minute. The technique used in most of the images you see here is called Intentional Camera Movement or, ICM. It is essentially a distinct movement of the camera combined with a slow shutter speed. I move the camera in what is called a panning motion from side to side or, on occasion, vertically. The shutter speeds I use vary somewhere between from as much as a half second up to 1/20 which gives the hint of movement in the subject. Michael Rollins

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