Cupcake Royale October Artist Dennis Golden

Cupcake Royale artist Dennis Golden

Hello, I’m Dennis Golden and I am a landscape painter and photographer. For the past 12 years, Ive been to some of the most interesting places in the western US and experienced awesome scenery.

Born in Los Angeles CA, I have lived in Fremont, CA, Reno, NV, in the foothills outside of Denver, CO throughout my childhood. In College I moved around and traveled to many different places through the West photographing wild lands from deserts to high mountain Peaks and beyond. I photograph the scene then take it home and paint the scene using acrylic paint on 11×14 canvas board.

I Moved to Seattle, WA in 2006 for not only more opportunity in my art Carrier and more culture, but the scenic beauty of this are is awe inspiring. In Washington you can go from Temperate Rain forest to glacier covered mountains to desert all within sight of each other. Not to many places around like that with all of these different micro climates than in the Pacific Northwest. I hope you enjoy my artwork and experience the serene beauty of the Northwest and beyond like I do.

You can see more work by Dennis at ImageKind.

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