West Seattle Wine Cellars November Artist Phil Stoiber

West Seattle Cellars November Artist: Phil Stoiber

A postcard sent to a friend after visiting the National Gallery’s “Art of Gauguin” show with him in 1988
shows up in an oil on canvas that I paint. In 2011 my painting prompts a series of prints using
photocopy litho that I combine with chine colle. Seattle Art Museum will be showing
“Gauguin & Polynesia” in 2012. A friendship spanning more than twenty
years—a passion for postage stamps and letter writing for thirty plus years prior
to that—-how do these tie into my fascination with written word and paper? Family,
friends, holiday greetings and birthdays all play a part. I am still uncovering the interrelationships
and influences as I write this statement: soon I will be visiting a Vermont friend I have known
since we were in the first grade.  We’ve had no letters between us for years,
only electronic communication. I invite the reader to investigate for themselves:
how do we make connections?  how long do they last?

We look forward to welcoming Phil Stoiber back to display his artwork in our shop. This Thursday, November 10, come and meet Phil and enjoy his showing of prints themed Correspondence. And while you’re here, you can sample the wines of Washington winemaker, Ron Bunnell, who will be in the shop pouring wines from both his RiverAerie and Bunnell Family Cellar lines. It will be a great evening of art and wine!

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