Kate Petty & Wine Tasting at West Seattle Cellars

West Seattle Cellars presents artist Kate Petty!
“In my work I explore themes of transition and metamorphosis. I am drawn to organic shapes and processes but like structure and boundaries. My hope is to convey a kind of meaningful chaos where meticulousness meets uninhibited expression. I think my paintings often reflect landscapes, emotional and otherwise, because the environment is so immediate and important for me. Having grown up in the Northwest I feel deeply rooted here and grounded in our landscape, yet I have an intense restlessness to explore the unknown. While it is the natural world that informs imagery, color, and texture for me, it is a connection to the celestial and primordial worlds that ultimately inspires me.” – Petty 
See more work at http://kate-petty.com/

Our free wine tasting on this month’s Art Walk night will feature wines from South America. We’ll be pouring some new and exciting wines from both Chile and Argentina. Come meet Kate, enjoy her art, and taste some great wines!

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