RobRoy Chalmers at Dwellings Real Estate

About the artist:
RobRoy Chalmers’s art is one of experimentation and reliance on chaos to inform its evolution. He has been following a path, directed by the process of creation that comes along with the Intaglio print process, since 1991. It was then that he discovered his passion for the copper plate and the incised lines made in it by the steel of the dry point needle.

RobRoy’s current work revolves around The Sporozoan a word used metaphorically to describe the serendipitous moment of seeing, which tempts us all to look just a little bit more closely. The Sporozoan encompasses all of RobRoy’s current work. RobRoy has slowly broken it apart and reconstructed it into a theatrical installation that includes sculptural objects, paintings, prints, performances, fashion, online applications and its viewers.

RobRoy’s primary focus for 2011 was constructing a free floating structural paper mass called The Sporozoan Swarm. Built from the remnants of unused intaglio prints and using stainless steel pins to mount it The Swarm is an ever changing, site specific, modular piece. The Swarm’s origins rise from RobRoy’s drive to create. In 2008 RobRoy moved across country to land in Seattle where he became trapped in the financial downward spiral like so many, all of his materials in storage and no place to work he refused to stop making art. When an empty wall in a local shop called to him he followed his passion and began to create with what he had: a portfolio full of prints. Tearing paper until his hands ached he put up the first incarnation of The Sporozoan Swarm. Unemployed at the time he barraged the neighborhood and soon had locations for two other installs. Thru an online assault using flicker and twitter he grew interest in The Swarm. Two years later it has been installed in over 15 locations including one permanent install and two semi-permanent installs. In March of 2011 he traveled to the SXSW conference in Austin, TX to give a presentation revolving around its birth and growth.

Dwellings will be offering wine and light snacks!

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