Umpqua presents Joseph Brooks

Come check out paintings by local artist Joseph Brooks at Umpqua Bank!

Artist Bio: 
Joseph Brooks is a West Seattle Artist by way of Tacoma ,WA. He has lived and shown work
in and around the Seattle Metro area for the past 7 years. He shows regularly with Artifakt Arts ( and is also a member of Twilight Artist Collective ( Joseph has displayed work during West Seattle Artwalk, White Center Artwalk, and at various Coffee Shops and Music venues in Seattle and Tacoma. Joseph’s work is informed by his background in and love of graffiti art. He is also 1/3 of the Hip Hop Group Life Cycle ( He says of his work “I just love to create. I am a very hands on artist. I have a love for the materials I use. I love experimenting with new materials and finding new techniques. I have been showing my characters and non-representational work recently. I really enjoy working in different styles. It keeps things fresh. While working with characters I find myself chuckling because most of my characters are pretty rediculous. I like to have fun with them. Honestly there is a lot of things that can bring you down nowadays. If my art can lift just one persons spirit, I think I’ve done my job.”

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