Daniel Rice at Bakery Nouveau

May 10th 2012 WSAW
Bakery Nouveau presents Daniel Rice!

Artist Bio:
I am a lifelong Washington resident. I was educated at The Evergreen State College where I studied computer science and art. I began seriously taking pictures ten years ago, shooting 35mm slides and quickly moving into the digital world.
My travels have taken me to Kyoto, Japan; Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, Ireland,  Malaysia, and Singapore;  Vienna and Salzburg in Austria; Prague in the Czech Republic; and most recently Bali. All these places offer interesting photographic opportunities.  The pictures on display for Art walk far are from Prague and Austria. Prague is an especially photogenic city full of towering spires and massive cathedrals. Unlike some European cities where the old architecture is  obscured  by modern buildings, the architectural wonders of Prague are not hidden.

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