Hotwire presents Emerald Raindrops Photography

September 13th WSAW, 2012

Hotwire Coffee is proud to present photographer Aaron Hernandez of Emerald Raindrops Photography!

Artist Statement:
After 25 years as a structural cad draftsman, I made a decision to leave the engineering & consulting industry for a more meaningful and enjoyable career. One challenge I faced was that I knew nothing else outside of my drafting background.
I pursued photography because I have always enjoyed it and felt comfortable applying my computer and software abilities with the post-processing side of it.
I began with stock photography, but decided to try the artistic side of photography and myself. “Art” is very subjective and personal and what one may find appealing may not be art whatsoever to another. Is photography art? Is a photograph that has been digitally enhanced art? Is an oil painting on canvas art because of the tools used to create it? There is no right answer and only the viewer can decide what qualifies as art or beauty or inspiring.
When I observe what surrounds us, natural or man-made, I see a lot of beauty and creativity. I attempt to capture and enhance what inspires me. I try to allow the objects I photograph stand on their own, free from their surroundings, though not entirely. This new-found perspective is contrary to what I used to believe, and has given me a new sense of freedom to roam outside of perceived boundaries.
Originally from Texas, I have been a West Seattle resident for a little over 30 years. I am married to my beautiful wife, who inspires me in many ways and without whom I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Together, we’ve raised a son and daughter who could not be anymore opposite from one another, yet they shine in their own respective ways. We do our best to be mindful of and involved with our community and share our lives with some great friends that we dare to consider extended family.
I own and operate Emerald Raindrops Photography and share space at Ginomai Artists Building. I also work part-time as IT tech support for Express Credit Union, and do general landscaping. I enjoy spending time with friends, family, gardening, music, volunteering, and am a congregant of WSCC.

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