West Seattle Cellars presents Charles Spitzack

September 13th WSAW, 2012

West Seattle Cellars September Artist: Charles Spitzack

We’ve been enjoying our August artist’s work so much, we’re going to keep it up another month. Charles Spitzack is a Midwest artist and entrepreneur based out of Seattle. Taking a multifaceted approach to survival, Spitzack is the founder of The New Number Two, a small business operating in the Capitol Hill neighborhood offering a wide range of hands-on services. Though he graduated from Cornish College of Art in 2010 with a focus in Print Arts and Drawing, Spitzack prefers to be known as a self-realized individual. 

The majority of Spitzack’s work resolves itself in the form of a print. Dedicated to dissolving barriers in commitment to the communal whole, Spitzack has found printmaking to be an excellent way to express these ideas in both subject matter and process. He says, Within the chaotic, sporadic, and frantic modern world we live in, constantly entertained and occupied as TV speeds up to maintain the attention of a more and more demanding audience who continue to look for more and more distractions as we ourselves speed up into a perpetual tailspin, my ideas surface in the same disjointed manner. 

And while you’re in to enjoy Charles’ art, you can also enjoy some tasty Washington wines. Our regular free Thursday tasting this week will feature a nice array of affordable wines from Washington wineries. Come by shop between 5:30 and 9:00, check out the art, and sample some great local wines that won’t break the bank. We hope to see you this Thursday!

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