Todd D. Martin at Hotwire Coffee

October 11th WSAW, 2012

Hotwire Coffee presents Todd D. Martin!

Artist Bio:
This show is dedicated to my mother Millie. My mother passed away on November 3, 2007. To my angel Millie…I love you Mom.
Todd D. Martin is a 12 year West Seattle Resident. Todd has a background in Interior and Lifestyle design. Todd Studied Art History and Graphic Design in College. Besides traveling to various locales, Todd likes to research the themes he likes to create.
For example for this show “Meet me at the Mortuary, The history of Mortuary Science in the Junction”, Todd did a vast amount of research.
Todd tracked the funeral home activity in the Alaska Junction. He research old files and obituaries. He researched the art of funeral direction. Todd even researched all of the information needed know to embalm and prepare a body for burial.
Todd took photography and research and pared that with the Coffee connoisseur expertise of Lora Swift of Hot Wire Coffee (site of a former funeral home). Todd came up with an entire theme for Hot Wire Coffees Halloween. From a special blend of locally roasted coffee to special coffee drinks; it is a treat for the senses. The photography is meant to reassure you that death should not be feared and it is just a part of life.

Please enjoy the show and remember every one has an Angel.

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